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Because cooking is a living art, we work with enthusiasts.
Our snails come from Maison de l'Escargot (Paris 15).
Our charcuterie comes from MAS in Auvergne.
Our artisanal ice creams come from the Cie des Desserts in Lézignan.
Here we drink wines from independent winegrowers,

Fabienne Roulier (Pays d’Oc), Michel Guignier (Beaujolais), Denis Fiegel (Faugère)…
Our cocktails are well proportioned, and we offer original non-alcoholic drinks.

Solange Domec aka La Domec aka the boss opened this place "like at home" in December 2016.

Traditional, family cuisine, fresh daily produce, selected and prepared with love by our chef Maurice Maréga. Everything is homemade and that… It’s not nothing! At P'tit Vélo the atmosphere is joyful and warm. The owner likes the mix of genres, a place where people can talk to each other without knowing each other. Concerts, cabaret are organized every month, impromptu parties...

le p'tit vélo parisian bistro

Le P'tit Vélo is open:

Monday noon.

Tuesday to Friday noon and evening.

And Saturday evening….

Possibility of opening Monday evening and Saturday lunchtime for privatizations and events.

The kitchen delights you from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. then… from 18 a.m. to 10 p.m.!

Remember to book: 0140343883

24 rue de Ventimiglia Paris 9th

Traditional and family cuisine, fresh products,

a warm atmosphere... Le P'tit Vélo, the coolest

Parisian bistros. Yes.



01 40 34 38 83

Blanche or Place de Clichy

the house

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