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At P'Tit Vélo, we love artists!

Concerts, theater, cabaret, zanies... Come and meet

our family at heart and dance with us.

It's a story of encounters.

This is the story of a bistro with warmth, fantasy and cheekiness: le P'tit Vélo.

Concerts, poetry, theater, cabaret...the offerings vary and are not alike. Some artists are regulars at the place - we are loyal to P'Tit Vélo.

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And then there are the Loufoqueries.

Les Loufoqueries is first and foremost a child of Solange Domec, Mireille de Laboulaye and Maryline Masson. And then he is also a child of Covid. When everything was closed, serious and serious, when the hearts weighed three tons, it came like that: a cry from the heart. What has become a cry of joy, with glitter and above all the desire to share. Les Loufoqueries is a meeting place. A “cabaret-dinner-show” twice a month. With guests in the spotlight and themes that adorn them.

Songs, comedy, creations. It’s a joyful, zany moment. And as the famous philosopher Baloo said in the Jungle Book

“How good it is to live! » and we add “…and to love each other!”.



01 40 34 38 83

Blanche or Place de Clichy

Capture d’écran 2024-03-05 à 10.55.28.png

Saturday March 23, Les Vénéneuses are back in action at P'tit Vélo! Stuck for too long in a seismic space-time fault, addicted to bites/scratches/kisses that hurt and other anachronistic perversions, our two heroines, Domec and Miss G have nothing left to lose. They will risk everything. Will they manage to defeat the ancestral ribbon? Will they be able to dominate the satanic vibrator? Accompanied by Catherine Masson and Johanna Paliege.

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